“ThinkTank-H2” – 5 km to the nearest hydrogen access

Germany – hydrogen country. This is in short what the Federal Government proclaimed at the beginning of 2021. Meanwhile, 5 disillusionment took place. During the Federal election campaign, the molecule is not an issue. Wrongly, says “ThinkTank-H2”. The new association demands from government green hydrogen – now!

Baden-Baden (Germany), 09/10/2021 – Hydrogen is part of the decarbonisation of the economy. This is commonplace, media say at the beginning of 10 September 2021. In politics, however, the volatile molecule does not seem to be an issue. The parties relevant to the outcome of the election respond evasively on request. Apparently, in the Capital one believes having done already enough to help the economy get started in terms of hydrogen by making full-bodied promises of a future with climate targets by mid-century. The parties largely 15 ignore the fact that this is unlikely to be achievable without hydrogen or refer to projects to import the green energy source from the Sahara or southern Africa, sometimes accompanied by development aid scenarios for Third World countries there.

However, this will not be enough to even come close to achieving the EU’s zero-CO2 target by 2045, says Christian Heiselbetz of “THINK TANK-H2 e.V.” in Baden-Baden. Founded in September, the association sees itself in the concert of interest groups for hydrogen and fuel cells as “not a hydrogen promoter like everyone” (association slogan). “THINK TANK-H2 e.V.” wants to contribute to the implementation of hydrogen strategies by politicians, manufacturers, suppliers, and start-ups with advice and assistance from independent experts.

To this end, he is causing a stir with ambitious demands on politics and business, such as no hydrogen access further away than 5 km from the people. Heiselbetz: “Just as the German Minister of Transport demanded in 1966 that no individual should live more than 20 kilometres from a motorway entrance, we consider our five-kilometer demand not only realistic, but absolutely necessary if we want to achieve the ambitious climate targets.” He wonders why even organizations as committed to climate protection as Fridays for Future or Greenpeace have not yet made such a demand. Heiselbetz: “We at ‘THINKTANK H2’ want to provide a breath of fresh air in the discourse here.”

Background: “THINK TANK-H2 e.V.” is independent and open to technology. He wants to provide guidance in the jungle of interests and arguments around the topic of hydrogen by initiating or supporting concrete projects for the introduction of hydrogen in all sectors as an “honest broker” between the different interests. Members are high-ranking representatives from business, science and politics.

Further information and images may be found at https://thinktank-h2.org.

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