Without a clear vision, CO2-neutral hydrogen will not happen.

Our visions for future hydrogen applications:

  • Manufacturing, power generation, and mobility in Germany without CO2 emissions

  • Safe and efficient handling of hydrogen during generation, , distribution, and use!

  • Economical use of hydrogen in all areas where CO2-neutral energy is needed!

  • Ubiquitous availability of hydrogen based individual mobility and propulsion solutions.

  • Requirement: Hydrogen supply for mobility applications within 5 km for every user.


  • Manufacturing, power generation, and mobility without CO2 emissions!
  • Safe hydrogen production, distribution, and use!


The ThinkTank-H2 initiates, promotes, and provides a network for projects of innovative high-tech applications for future-and market oriented solutions.


ThinkTank-H2 is neutral, independent, and not afraid of disruptive innovations.