We want:

To be neutral and independent !

To check all arguments neutrally and evaluate them with transparent criteria

To provide guidance in the jungle of interests and arguments

To be an “honest broker” between the different interests

  • Members from business, science and politics
  • only (natural) persons, no associations or companies
  • independent and neutral

To initiate or support specific projects

To search for logical alternatives and weigh them against without bias

To offer new ideas a forum to be recognized and discussed.

To support start-ups and offer the most an attractive contact point

Hydrogen – Energy for a green future

  • Today we have Combustion engines, Batteries, and Hybrids, but the future belongs to Hydrogen
  • Asia and the USA are currently leading developments, Europe is in danger of falling behind!
  • Nine billion euros are available for developing hydrogen technologies – they can be used now unbureaucratically, directly!

Hydrogen technology –
from Europe, for Europe and the world

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